3 Simple facts about blogging

Yes we all want to earn money. We want to make our  earning level high. And we also we wish that such earning should be easy as well. That’s why we want to earn from home and start searching the easy way of earning money  in the net.

The search engine shows thousands of results about how to earn money online. But most of the results may have the same finding that earning online by freelancing, affiliate marketing and blogging.

Most of the suggestions says to blogging. They says blogging is most easiest, simplest and proper way to earn money online.

When I have completed my graduation, then I have started searching job. But it was too difficult to find a job easily. So I have to spent around 6/7 months jobless.

At that time I used to search for online money making ways. found various results and read many ideas as well.

Finally I started blogging six months ago. It was a new thing to start for me to start and grow as a blogger.  I have experienced various difficulties. Learning by doing process I have solve them as well. I have learned a lot things  in between this time.

I have known about the fact behind blogging for the money as well. So here I am sharing my learning with you.

 Starting blogging is easy

Starting blogging is nothing difficult. It’ easy and simple. You only need to decide the topic of your interest for blogging and a suitable platform. The platform may be blogger or word press. Blogger is a free platform where as wordpress requires some charges. But you have to decide which platform is better for you on the basis of the feature provided by them. I have already describe about the differential features provided by these two  platform here.
So when you decide your  topic of blogging and choose appropriate platform you become able to start blogging. Start writing blog posts and publish them. Share them in the social medias and grow your audience.

Growing is quite difficult

Growing as a blogger is not so easy like starting blogging. Writing a blog post is not only the indication of successful blogger. Writing a quality blog post is essential as well. But growing  your audience is equally important along with writing more quality post. But difficulty also appears here as well.
If you start blogging with the hope of earning money you need to grow audience. You can choose various options to monetize your blog. These options may be sell your space for blog, affiliate marketing, and other  advertising options like, google adsense, chitika, bidadvertiser, infolinks etc.
So all you need to be a popular  blogger and earn more is audience. You have to bring huge amount of traffic. That is the growing phase of your blogging. And it’s a big challenge for you as well.  To generate huge amount of traffic is quite difficult. That’s why I am calling growing is quite difficult.

Always comes a point of success

Although it’s difficult as a blogger in the growing phase. But you shouldn’t have to worry. It is clear that it is not easy to be a professional blogger like starting as a blogger. But if you do the hard work and put continuous effort  always comes  a point of success after certain time.
Success is certain but it needs lot of passion, hard work and continuous effort. You have to write blog post on continuous basis. Such posts must be informative and knowledgeable to the audience. Write  blog post frequently and the post must contain quality writing.


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