Story of 10 successful persons

3) Narendra Modi:

From a tea vendor to becoming the Prime Minister-designate of the largest democracy in the world, NarendraModi has indeed scripted a success story that can inspire each one of us.  What is remarkable about his success story is that at every difficult juncture in his life, he had the courage and conviction to chart out a positive outcome for himself. The third child among six siblings, Modi spent his early years helping his father in selling tea along with his brother, His oratorical skills came in handy and it was at this time, that he made a conscious decision to devote himself to politics. Charting an unparalleled and unprecedented victory in Indian democratic elections, Modi was able to garner an overwhelming number of votes for himself and an absolute majority for his party.  A rank outsider to the power portals of New Delhi which have mostly been zealously passed on from one generation to another in a Dynastical political scenario, Modi was able to overcome all obstacles and sweep the nation with a single-mindedness of purpose. The Modi wave which swept the nation was a very deliberate campaigning effort which projected him as a doer than a talker.  Using technology and social media networking sites like never before, Modi was able to easily connect to a varied cross section of the society.His oratorical skills, his proven track record, his never-say-die attitude and his ‘common man’ image, had voters from across caste, creed, religion and financial backgrounds come out and vote for him.  He was able to cut across all barriers, be it, religious, regional or state and established himself as a man who dares to dream and who works to realize those dreams.
When asked in interviews what one quality he would attribute his success to, he repeatedly mentions his optimism and positive attitude alongside his hard work.  He often projects his positive attitude by showing a glass half-filled with water and assuring everybody, that to him, it always seems filled to the brim.  While the bottom half of the glass is filled with water, he assures everybody, that the top half is filled with air.  It is only a matter of perception, then.
The conviction of the man is so strong that he became the symbol of a refreshing positive change that India was looking for, away from the corruption mired politics of the hitherto governments.  At a time, when people were getting absolutely disillusioned with the workings and happenings in the country, he positioned himself as the face of hope who could steer the nation towards a glorious path if he is at the helm of things.

It is probably this optimism and positive energy which see NarendraModi, just one step away from the highest offices in the country today.  A story which proves that dreams do come true and that if you dream and work towards it, impossible is nothing.

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