Nowadays, education is extremely important and I believe that my MBA will be an important step in my further professional growth. In fact, MBA is simply essential because it will provide me with an extremely important experience, and help develop my professional skills and abilities in order to improve my future perspectives and, therefore, make me more competitive in the labor market. At the same time, I believe that MBA will contribute to my personal success since I think that MBA will be my great personal achievement because, in fact, I will be the first in my family who can receive MBA. This is why MBA is of a paramount importance to my professional career and personal development.
Naturally, I realize that it is impossible to receive MBA with little efforts. In stark contrast, I am conscious of the necessity to work hard and be able to cope with the numerous challenges I can face on my way to MBA. Nevertheless, I am ready to solve all the problems and cope with all challenges that I may potentially face. Moreover, I believe that it will be not so difficult to me to continue my study and eventually to receive MBA because I have already gotten used to work hard. In this respect, I should say that education has never been accessible to me. Instead, I had to constantly struggle for my own education, to learn some new skills, develop my internal abilities, acquire new knowledge.
In fact, since the beginning of my professional education I had a choice whether to work or study. Many of my neighbors and my friends give up their study and focused on their work solely. As for me, I always believed that education is a kind of a path that will lead me to a better world and better life. Probably, this belief was formed under the impact of relatives who always believed in my future so that I feel my responsibility to support their expectations with my real achievements.
At the same time, I should say that MBA is not a source of some sacred knowledge for me or some great chance, but it is rather an excellent opportunity to make my knowledge more fundamental and enlarge and polish my skills and abilities. I am not a totally ignorant or unskilled person. In stark contrast, in spite of the fact that I had to combine my education and work, I ha managed to achieve certain successes in both education and work. In fact, I think it is already good that I can focus on my MBA because I did not waste my time and paid a lot of attention to my education. I have already earned BS in Accounting but it is just a step to my MBA, a little but significant contribution to my professional basis. By the way, I would like to underline that education is not the only area where I proved to be successful. In fact, I was quite good in my job too. I started in the Finance department, where, in 2000, I was promoted to junior accountant and learned various forms of reconciliation. Later I was assisting the sales department and worked directly under the controller of the company. Currently, I work for Readers Digest where within a month I was promoted from a level 6 staff accountant to a level 7 senior accountant for the weekly reader.
This is why I think that my experience and knowledge will help me be successful in my MBA. At the same time, I think that I will need to keep working hard and pay even more attention to my education in order to achieve positive results in my study. In fact, my hard work and desire to study will be very important to my final success in MBA as well as the support of my relatives whose opinion is really important to me. In fact, to a significant extent, my family determined my decision to receive MBA because I always felt support of my relatives and I have no doubt that they will continue supporting and encouraging me in my study. I should say that the well-being of my family is probably the strongest stimulus that can prevent me from the failure in my MBA because MBA is actually not only my personal achievement and larger opportunities and perspectives for me but it is also a great chance to my family since, on receiving my MBA, I will be able to help them and make the life of my family better.
Thus, in conclusion, I would like to say that I have great expectations concerning my MBA because I worked hard and studied a lot to get prepared to receiving my MBA. At the same time, I have no right to fail because it will affect dramatically my future professional career. On the other hand, I need to succeed in my MBA not only for the sake of my future career but also because it is very important to my self-esteem and my MBA will make me convinced in my personal power and it will be a real opportunity to make the traditional American dream come true.

(one of my friend's story)


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