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Management means Leadership???

  Is Management means leadership? This is the question which always makes students confused. Most of the students think a manager and a leader are same. But there is a little difference, because every leader is not manager but every manager is leader. Leadership is a process through which one influences others towards the stated goals and objective of the organization. Leading is one important function of management only next to planning and organizing. It is the liveliest element in the management process. It initiates actions to translate the decisions into concrete actions. Managers have to lead their subordinates through guiding and motivating. Leading involves directing, influencing and motivating employees to perform essential tasks. Management is the functional group of various works like planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The person who performs this work is called manager. And he has the formal authority from his position in the organization. Every manager has to act as a leader in his area of operation. This means he has to guide, instruct, lead and motivate his subordinates so as to use their skills, efficiency, capacity etc. for the benefit of his Organization. He has to influence the behavior of his subordinates and get the work done through their collective efforts. Leadership qualities are required in order to conduct various managerial functions effectively. Each and every group of people engaged in a particular activity needs a leader in order to guide, co-ordinate and control their efforts. In this sense, leadership is required for the conduct of economic, social, political or cultural activities. Leadership is followership. A good leader leads but does not push. Effective leadership can guide a group towards certain ideals without exerting much force. Managers who possess the quality of guiding and directing the subordinates under inspired impulses can be called business leaders. Leadership is concerned with getting results through people and implies the Organization of staff into productive teams, groups and departments. Leadership entrails the creation of human structures, their motivation and direction; the resolution of conflicts at the workplace, creating vision for the entire business and providing resources in support of this.

Manager can perform various managerial functions more effectively by providing proper leadership to his subordinates. This makes leadership an inevitable aspect of management process itself. Leadership is essential for the success and stability of a business enterprise. Managers possessing leadership qualities are called business leaders. So finally we can say to be a successful manager he needs to have various skills like organizational skills, communicational skills, teambuilding skills, coping skills, technical skills etc. along with most importantly leadership skills. So, there may a question arise that: Could a manager be a better leader for organizational success? The answer most be, yes he could. But he should consider some tiny matters. To make managerial leadership more effective a manager should start to look surrounding environment firstly before examine him and his leadership style. Only by viewing the external environmental situation, followers and industry challenges, one can best determine the leadership behavior. So, looking out before looking in is good principle in leadership. For better leadership the leader should understand his followers and choose good leadership styles and motivational tools.
         There is no right model for everyone to follow that guarantees you will become more effective leader but you can create your own model which fits your environment and organizational dynamics, accounts for the types of followers that you are leading and plays upon your strengths and minimizes your deficiencies. For a successful leader confidence and self awareness always play a great role. Confidence gives the strength to motivate others as well as provides extra power to do a challenging work. Self awareness as well helps to find the strength and weakness part of a person. So that one can use his leadership styles by knowing his potentiality. A managerial leader needs to be skilled in three components of developing people: coaching, teaching and mentoring. The most challenging thing for the managerial leaders is to convince the group of people in the organization who truly don’t want to change. Because changing the organizational structure and behavior according to change in external environment is most important for the organizational success. So the manager should have teaching and coaching skills and ability, so that they can convince the people who are against the change. There may the fear in the organization. Fear may be of change, failure, and unknown or of any. But that harm the organization. So overcome the resistance is most important. The most importantly open feedback system is key to success of any organization. So there should be the two way communication system in the organization between leaders and followers. So the leaders must have good communication skills.


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