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Importance of Management Education!

     Now days most of the Nepali students are attracted towards the management studies after completion of their SLC. I think the trend of studying MBBS and engineering transferred towards the management. Healthy income, good personality, development of capital market, increasing number of banks, growth of business etc. are the key factors to attract the students towards management study. Most of the college has BBA, BBS, MBA, MBS affiliation from the various universities. But only study of management course does not take them towards the chair of any company. Many of the students choose management as their subject in their higher study is not because of their interest in management but is because they cannot afford science and they have no interest in other subject like Arts and education in Nepal. So the final decision to choose subject after completion of their SLC to save their prestige is Commerce (Management).
    Let’s first talk about management study before talking about its importance. Management is the combination of various works. It involves in planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling likes activities. So if we make definition it becomes, Management is the science and art of organizing the components of an organization in order to get success through the work of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The study of these components individually or jointly is called study of management or management study.
               Now time to talk about ‘what is the importance of management study’. Study of management does not only indicate to manage the various s components of organization it also combines well with accounting, finance, marketing, information system, human resource, operation and supply chain. That means we can say study of management not only require for mangers, it is equally important for all people who are involved in the organization. Even you work any post or any type of organization like doctor, engineer, economist, accountant or marketer, your success will depend upon how much you can understand management and organization. So it implies that study of management is not only for those who want to be manager it may attract those who want to understand how an organization works. 

              The management study helps you to understand better the organization that you work in as well as helps you to connect the world with better communication skills, where you learn how to be in leadership, how to plan and become an entrepreneur. Employees of most of the company leave their job due to poor management policies. So, business owner should understand good management policies through personnel research or formal education in order to create business model that can improve employee productivity, eliminate reluctance in process and increase retention rates. Management examines management policies and practices in the context of organizational growth and development, management theory, theory of leadership, employment relations and dynamics of organizational behavior. Management helps to learn about human and labor factor in the organization including structure, design and culture of organizations, management theory, policies and practices and employment relation issues.  

                Job perspective is another part that supports the importance of management study. Every student want to make their future secure. So they want to choose the subjects so that after completion of their study there is easy job placement. And today’s dynamic business environment requires graduates who can effectively handle decisions including working with and leading people. A wide and varied range of roles and careers is open to you when you study management at either undergraduate or post graduate level including general management, consulting, business strategy, training and development, recruitment, human resources, employment relations, public policy, business consulting and senior management roles in business and industry.
So there is any special importance of management study for the developing countries like Nepal? The answer is yes. The study of management is important for various reasons for developing countries. In developing countries business and industries are gradually growing up. So for their successful management and to supply quality employees in such organization management study become more fruitful. These countries are constructing various development programs and making various policies, so to consult the government managerial experts are required. In developing countries like Nepal, there is the problem of unemployment. So small business and entrepreneurship may become the best means of employment for these countries. It is crucial fact that it is important to study management in order to work as an employee or become employer to run successful organization. Small business owner often start out with little more than dream and strong desire to succeed. So to manage such small business the owner must have knowledge of various parts like, account, marketing, human resource, finance etc. So study of management is crucial for them. Finally we can say for the development of developing countries study of management is another means of support. So quality management education should be the part of their concern.


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  2. Nice post! This one perfect for these who take an interest in education in Nepal.
    Every student want to make their future secure, so they try to choose the subject that will simplify their job search after graduation.