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How to Start and run a Business??

Today’s world is known as business world. If someone asks what is the simplest way to earn money then answer will be do your own business. So there are millions business are carried in the world right now. Some are large business and some are small retail business. Some are well managed and some are not. Some business is started with the plans and some are not. Anyhow business is carried on and some are getting success and some are not. So here today I am discussing about how to start and carried on a successful business.
What is business?? It is not a difficult question but it may be hard to define! In Nepal and in India as well most of the persons are engaged in either small or a big business but most of the people are unable to define the business! So, let’s start with what is business!

What is business?

Simply business is the economic activities carried by the persons and organization or we can say business is an economic activity which is related with continuous and regular production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human needs.
investopedia defines “any commercial, industrial or professional activity undertaken by an individual or a group is business.

How to start a business
 Now let’s talk about how to start a business. Before starting a business you have to make a business plan. Firstly you should think what business will suit for you and in which business you can get success. You should ask different types of questions yourself like this: Is this business will give you proper return or not? Is there sufficient market for this business or not??? Although a good businessman should create the market for their business but you have to analyze that can you create the market for your business or not.

You have to estimate the cost of starting your business. You should have to decide your source of fund. Whether it is your own capital or has to borrow s loan. So In conclusion we can say if you are starting a a big business you have to do SWOT analysis of your business by investing money and time. And if you are planning a small type of business you have to simply analyze your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of you and your surroundings before starting your business.

Run your business

After finalizing the planning phase of your business, you are ready to start the business. Establish the office, go to the targeted market and start to sell your goods and services. That is your business. But before doing this you have to do lot of things. You have to choose targeted sites, construct or rent required office buildings, purchase required equipments, appoint and manage staffs. So that you are now able to run your business smoothly.

Starting a business not big achievement. Managing it properly getting good return and achieving success is main part of your business. For this you have to make appoint various agents, make a good circle to reach customers, visit customers and listen their complaint. Publicity is essential for the successful business. Big companies spend million dollars for the promotion of their business. So you can as well give some advertisement to the radios, television and newspapers as well. You can use various social medias like facebook, twitter, Google etc for the promotion of your business.

This is not overall idea for how to start and run a business but I hope this will give some concept for you about the business.

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