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Frustration, A madness and remedies

Definition of Frustration

A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something is the state of being frustrated

Something that causes feelings of anger and annoyance is something that frustrates someone
In our way,

Frustration is an emotion that occurs in situations where a person is blocked from reaching a desired outcome.  In general, whenever we reach one of our goals, we feel pleased and whenever we are prevented from reaching our goals, we may succumb to frustration and feel irritable, annoyed and angry. 

Typically, the more important the goal, the greater the frustration and resultant anger or loss of confidence.

Frustration is not necessarily bad since it can be a useful indicator of the problems in a person's life and, as a result, it can act as a motivator to change.  However, when it results in anger, irritability, stress, resentment, depression, or a spiral downward where we have a feeling of resignation or giving up, frustration can be destructive.

And the madness

What do we do if we dislike something? How do we respond to events or persons that we do not like? Do we let it go and move on, do we work with it, or do we let it fester? Often, when we have decided that there is something we don't like, we look for it everywhere; we see it all over, and justify our distaste. Why? 

Because we realize that if we don't like something, but we find it everywhere, then we have something to fight and work against. In a way, we like this, we even seek this out, for if there where nothing out there, whether it is a person or event that we don't like, then what would we do with ourselves. How would we then justify our anger, our distaste towards life, or even the simple grumpiness that we may have? We must have a reason, and it is much better if it is someone else's fault, or if it is a problem with anything other than us. So yes, it originates back to us, and who we are, and what we are doing, as it all does in the end.

These are Virus
Actually these are the sources of frustration. I say it virus because the disease ‘Frustration’ bring by these.

Limited Resources

When an adequate resource is not available in the workplace, the job performance will be negatively influenced. As a result of which frustration may arise among employees.

Unclear Relationship

Unclear relationship between employees to employees or employees to managers causes frustration. If the relationship is not defined clearly, it will be impossible to assign tasks to the employees as per their status, position and ability.

Unclear communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in motivating employees towards better job performance. If the flow of communication is not defined clearly, it will cause employee's frustration. It is because unclear communication blocks the regular flow of work, job performance techniques, objectives and suggestions.

Status And Role Inconsistencies
If an employee's role and status is not consistent, he/she will be frustrated. This is because of frequent change in role. status, ans position creates confusion and dilemma in actual work environment.

Goal Difference
Goal difference is goal inconsistency between individual to individual. The goal difference occurs due to individual differences in goals, objectives, needs and wants.Such goal difference between each and every employees leads to employee's frustration.

Personal Background
Everyone has his/her own family, societal, cultural background, and way of perception. If such backgrounds differ from the organizational culture, and working relationships, the individual may feel frustrated from the work.

Organizational Climate
Organizational climate represents an overall working environment and relationship of the organization. Healthy and friendly environment helps to motivate people at work. On contrary, unhealthy and uncomfortable working environment leads to employee's frustration.

Lack Of Goal Harmony

Goal harmony means a proper match between individual goals and organizational goals. A proper goal harmony creates improved job performance thereby resulting higher degree of motivation. Contrary to it, the lack of it creates employee's frustration.

Poor Staffing
Staffing involves all activities necessary to create roles and responsibilities in organizational environment. But poor staffing results into less commitment. As a result of which, employees may be frustrated.

 Lack Of Effective Personnel Policy
If the organization is lacking an effective personnel policy, the employees will not commit themselves towards better performance. As a result, frustration occurs at work station.

Lack Of Incentive And Motivation Procedure
The best incentive and motivation procedure helps to achieve high job satisfaction. But in case of its inadequacy, employees feel frustrated at work because they feel bored by performing hideous work

Over ambitious

Sometimes we become over ambitious in your life. We couldn’t be satisfied with what we have achieved. And want more. And there is the problem. Being over ambitious is really the problem. If  we expect  more and can not achieve the expectation causes the frustration.

Don't think over about problem start to cope with it

Talk to a friend 

It is always healthy to talk to someone else about anything that is bothering us. Well, maybe not everything, but the point here is to be able to share bottled up feelings with someone instead of just keeping them all to ourselves. Who knows, your friend might have some solutions that can help you!

Write your successes and failures in a journal 

Whether you do it using an online journal or a pen and paper, keeping track of our activities that we feel are limiting us is always helpful. That way, we can have a check and balance as to what worked for us and what didn’t.

Accept reality 

We also need to check our own reality. If we have done everything within our power to accomplish something, and it still does not work out, then we should try to accept it as it is. What I do in this kind of situation is write a pros and cons list, and then I take it from there.

Track your progress

Sometimes we feel that things aren’t moving fast enough, or they are not working the right away. That could lead to a lot of frustration. Do a check list and see how you are progressing. Sometimes small steps may seem like nothing, but being able to cross those small steps off the list one by one is helpful for seeing successful progress.

Take a long walk 

Taking a break is always good. Do not think of what is causing your frustration for a moment. Hopefully the long walk or break will allow your minds to be clearer once you decide to go back and tackle the problem or situation at hand.

Stop blaming yourself 

Maybe the cause of your frustration is something of your own doing. Accept that and try to find solutions rather than blaming yourself incessantly. It will only put you in a negative mode which will do more harm than good. It’s your fault; accept that and move on.

Stop being angry 

Anger is one way to vent our frustrations. It can be either directed towards ourselves or to the one causing the frustration. Watch a funny movie or read the comic page of your newspaper. The point here is to minimize anger so you can think straight. Only when you are thinking straight and calm will you be able to address the problem that is causing you to be frustrated.

Take a hot bath or sleep it off 

 Relaxing your mind by either taking a long hot bath or sleeping it off will do wonders for your tired mind. Being angry or frustrated can make us weak and vulnerable to stress.

Be around positive people 

It is always good to be around people who are optimistic. You can get energy from them as well as advice if they have encountered similar situations like yours.

Try to be positive 

Try to think of the other difficult times that you have encountered and yet succeeded in the past. Say to yourself, this too will pass, as it always does. It may not be an easy thing to do, but if we try to count our blessings and see where we have triumphed in the past, we can see that there is no way that we cannot get through this as well.


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