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Simple ideas to be a Perfect Manager!

Everyone has a aim in the life, they want to  be leader, theywant to be manager. We have all have a similar nature. We do not want to be a follower, we want to create our follower. But all of us can not be a manager or leader. And all managers can not be a successful and better manager as well. To be a better (successful) manager a person need to develop some skills and do some works. Here are some points that a person needs to do to be a successful manager:

         "You can be a manager but to be a perfect manager you need to follow these ideas"

Motivating: Motivation inspire staffs to do work with full effort. So a manger needs to motivate his employee to complete the work. The success of the manger will determined by his capacity to motivate his employee.
Motivation is a psychological and sociological concept as it relates to human behavior and human relations. It is the most fundamental and all pervasive concept of psychology. For motivation, sweet words are useful but are certainly not adequate. Motivation basically relates to human needs, desires and expectations. In other words, these factors suggest the measures which can be used for the motivation of employees. what is motivation read here...

  • Increase in the efficiency and productivity of employees. Motivation ensures a high level performance of employees.
  • Better co-operation from employees and cordial labor-management relations.
  • Reduction in the rate of labor absenteeism and turnover.
  • Reduction in the wastage and industrial accidents.
  • Improvement in the morale of employees.
  • Quick achievement of business/corporate objectives and favorable corporate image.

Setting goals: Goals are predetermined end results and are everything for an organization. The work of a organization are directed by its goals. So successful managers choose their appropriate goals. The goals must be clear, specific, achievable, feasible, measurable, flexible,

Delegating authority: Managers should not think to do all work by themselves. They should believe their employee and delegate authority. They should play the role of leader and perform work like giving advice, motivating, influencing, leading from the front etc.

Effective communication: communication plays great role in the success of organization and mangers. It includes how the information system in organization is, what are the channels of communication, and how information s are gathered and distributed in the organization. Communication system is more important to handle the employee manager relationship.

Promote personnel growth: Personnel growth is important for a manager. He should be updated and learn new things that happened in the world. He has to increase the capacity of his knowledge.

Increase interpersonal skills:  Interpersonal relationships are important for an organizational success. And such relationships are depending upon the skills of manager. Interpersonal relationship helps to increase the reputation of organization in the society and nation. So for the successful management of organization manager needs to increase interpersonal skills.

Encourage adaptability: world is changeable. And changing is essential for every organization and every manager to get success. But top sustain in the changing environment the organization should adopt the change. Some of the employee may resist the change. So the role of manager is to encourage them to adopt the change.

Expand leadership: Leadership is everywhere and it is essential for every person. But the manager has more roles in the organization as a leader. They should develop and expand some leadership skills like motivating skills, communicating skills, Interpersonal skills,

Acknowledge the expertise of your staff: A successful manager should appreciate the ability of their staff. The staffs may have expertise in different area which the manger may not have. But the manager should encourage such expertise and promote the creativity the staffs have.    

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