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Success! It's with in us

There is no specific rule to define success! There may be different views on the definition of success. But if you achieve what you want to achieve in your  life than you can be called successful person. 

We have read various success story of the famous peoples in the world and want to achieve like them but all of us can not be like them.  We should have our own goal and  own target. And to achieve them we have to do  something special and hard work.

I have already  discussed on simple keys for success and top ideas for success, here I am talking about how this ideas are beneficial for us.
Let’s  start with the ideas for success

Self Decision

If we want to do anything in your life you have to decide our self. We know that what can we do and what can’t, if we want to walk in the way decide by others any day we will fall down. 

We can collect thousands of suggestion but have to decide what to do our self. Because our inner ability and capacity cannot be decided by others. As well only we have the better knowledge of our strength, our interests, opportunities and threats of the way of our life.

Why we have to make self decision?

  • We can decide according to our interests and love towards the work that leads us to the commitments in the work.
  • We can decide our goal by knowing our strengths and weakness.
  • There is emotional attachment in the goal if we decide our self which make easy to  achieve goal.
  • We  have the better knowledge what is important for us than others.
  • We know better what skills we can use.

Self confidence

We should always confident in you and in your work. Self confidence comes from self belief. To achieve targeted goal of success we must believe on the capacity that we have. 

If we don’t trust ourself we never can get success. To achieve that we must believe ourself and build up confidence that we can do it. If we can believe ourself confidence automatically comes up.

 If we are not confident about what we are doing how can you complete the work?

Why self confident is essential?

  • If we are confident ourself we can take necessary because without taking risks we can not get success.
  • Self confident encourage us to not to give up anything in the worst condition as well
  • Self confident make us happy and help to enjoy our life.
  • the more self confident we become, the more free we become of the mental torture of doubting ourself
  • freedom from self doubt, fear, and anxiety naturally translates into greater peace of mind and a more stress-free life
  • the more confident we are that we can achieve things we want to achieve (like personal goals or dreams), the more motivated and energized we are to take action to achieve them
  • the collection of above benefits from self confidence leads you to the greater success.

Desire for success

First of all you must have strong desire to be success or desire to do special or desire to work. If someone has not any desire to do something than what he/she can do in their life. 

We should always a thirst to do something special. So human has always a desire to do and they should be hesitated to do any work. Only desire can direct the works towards the targeted goals. 

If we have not keen desire to achieve success you will always suffer to be highlighted. Desire is the key for self motivation and self encouragement for anyone to do their works.

Benefits of desire regarding success

  • Desire leads self motivation for doing your work.
  • Desire protects us from diverting from our goals.
  • Desire keeps our interest towards the work.

Positive Thinking

Human should always possess with positive thinking. The person who wants to win doesn’t think about lose. Positive thinking actually means approaching life's challenges with a positive outlook. 

It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light. 

If we think positively than we can see a glass with half of water as half filled and others think as a empty. This is the real example of positive thinking and you  may listen this example hundred times.

Benefits of positive thinking

  • Expecting success and not failure.
  • Making us feel inspired.
  • It gives us the strength not to give up, if we encounter obstacles on our way.
  • It makes us look at failure and problems as blessings in disguise.
  • Believing in ourself and in our abilities.
  • Enables us to show self-esteem and confidence.
  • We look for solutions, instead of dwelling on problems.
  • We can see and recognize opportunities.

Learn new thing

The world is changeable. Every seconds new things are happening and new technologies are discovering. So we must learn new things and collect the knowledge, so that we don’t have to look back. 

Learning is the continuous process and it should never stop. If we stop learning there is no next step to follow.

Why we should learn new things?

  • We can generate new ideas
  • We can find new possibilities
  • We can learn new skills for work
  • Learning new things guides us to the improvement in our work.
  • Learning process build up our confidence.
  • It help us to know how to challenge the worst condition.

Be ambitious

Being ambitious makes people to dream high and is essential to achieve the goal. To get success we must dreamed high about your goal , so that it always force us to think about goal and it don’t let us to go out of our goal.

Benefits of being ambitious
  • Being ambitious distinguishes us one from another. It is dreams of grandeur and greatness.
  • Being ambitious implies works and discipline to achieve goals.
  • Ambition counts for a great deal of success, personal and social.
  • Ambition is about controlling over our own destiny.
  • Being ambitious is setting your own target self which build up your confidence level.


I have started this article with the title “Success! It’s within us”. That means success is inside of us. We have to only recognize the tools of success. I have said the benefits of the various ideas that we can follow. These are simple ideas and we can easily follow them. Success with in us means these ideas are our inner strength. If we use them in the positive way then we can get success otherwise not. So we have to recognize the strength within us.


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