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Simple keys for Success!

I have a friend, Graduates from Tribhuwan University Nepal. We have studied more than three years together. He is one of my best friends. And generally shares our all things. We share our happiness and sadness. But he is an unemployed and seeking a good job here. But he is unable to find a job yet. He had tried few times for foreign employment. But his expectations do not meet with the findings. So he had leaved the interest to go outside the country.

How to start and run a business

He always asks me that what business he should start. He always asks me the idea about business. Although we both studied business management as our main subject in the bachelor he cannot decide. Cannot choose what is good for him and what is not good. He always depend upon me to decide what is what should he has to do. I have given him more than a dozen of business ideas like open a retain shop, goat farming, agro farming, share trading etc. But he again fails to decide and choose a suitable business for him. Here I’m not trying to showing me superior and not showing him that like he can’t do anything. But I am only trying to say that if you want to achieve in success in your life you have to do what you can do and what your inner mind order you to do. It’s not necessary that you have only to start a business, you can do lot of things but your inner mind should really enjoy your work. So here I am trying to show you that if you want to do something in your life with successfully you have to care these:

1.      Self Decision: If you want to do anything in your life you have to decide yourself. You know that what can you do and what can’t if you want to walk in the way decide by others any day you will fall down. you can collect thousands of suggestion but decide yourself. Because your inner ability and capacity cannot be decided by others. As well only you have the better knowledge of opportunities and threats of the way of your life.

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2.    Self belief:  You have to believe yourself and your decision! You should think you can do it. If you can’t believe yourself than you can’t do anything. You have to know what is your inner strength what you can do. You shouldn’t make your mind diverted and unstable.
3.    Desire: If someone has not any desire to do something than what he/she can do in their life. You should always a thirst to do something special. So human has always a desire to do and they should be hesitated to do any work.
4.     Self confidence: you should always confident in you and in your work. Self confidence comes from self belief. If you can believe yourself confidence automatically comes up. If you are not confident about what you are doing how can you complete the work?
5.     Positive thinking: Human should always possess with positive thinking. The person who wants to win doesn’t think about lose.

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