Set targets! Make your way simple!

           Yesterday, when I was going to office by bus, I saw a girl bargaining with the bus staff about the bus fair. The bus staff is asking the actual bus fair but she is trying to convince him to give Rs. 5 less. Later when the bus staff leave the discuss and ready to collect less amount, I had met her. And asked about her. According to her, her name is Anjila, is thirteen years old and studying in grade nine. Then I asked her “The actual fair is Rs. 30. Don’t you know?” She said “I know the actual fare is Rs. 30 but I was trying to give Rs. 5 less knowingly”.

I was surprised and asked why you are trying to give less amount as you know the what is actual fare is ?” The answer was awesome. She said “My family belongs to the medium class family. My father is working in a private company and mum is a farmer. The income level is not quite high. It can only cover the normal expenses of our family and education expenses of me and my brother. I have to travel daily in the public bus to reach my school. For which mum gives me Rs.30. I have a plan to start my own business after completing my graduation. For this purpose I am collecting money because when I complete my graduates and ask my parents to give money for business, they can’t give. So I deduct daily ten rupees from my two way bus fair and deposit in a cooperative monthly. So that I bargain with the bus staff daily to save money for my future purpose.”

After listening the story of that little girl, I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. That was a great idea in the mind of a small girl. At the last when I was going to out of the bus, I could only manage to say, “ good luck Anjali! Never lose your hope, you will be a great businesswomen one day. It’s sure.” In the reply she gave me a beautiful smile.
I hadn’t enough time to talk with her and ask her about what time of business she is planning to start. But she has a destiny. She has make her future way clearer and brighter.

The purpose of this blog is not only to tell a story of a girl here. It story only help you to understand that what should we have to do if we want to do something great in our life.

Look at the story, what a passion in that small girl. She isn’t even passes her school level, she isn’t even 15 years old, but she has a dream, she has a plan. Even,  a girl of 13 can see a dream of future, can make a plan and start her work ( she started her work because she is collecting fund by saving ) why can’t we make a dream.

I have various friends in the social media from various countries. I am interacting them frequently about my blog as well other different topics. One day I asked one of my friend “ what are you doing now? In which level are you studying?”  He said “ I am studying BBA and want to get MBA from top university. I want to be business analyst and a motivational speaker and most importantly I have a dream to be a no one businessman in the world. I am just trying for that and trying to cultivate my talents. Now I am writing some short reports to small retailers to develop  their  business.”


In the above two story both have their clear dream and clear destiny. They have some aim to do. They have already made a plan and doing some work to make their target achievable. These are the symbolic story. If these story motivate you to set your target then my this blog post will have get success. In the world there are thousands of youth who set their target before going for them and thousands of those youth who don’t set their target. But I hope you will count in the first type of youth from tomorrow. Here is the conclusion for you:

Make your dream do whatever you like

If you want to get success you should have to see dream. If you haven’t a dream then what will you do? In which way you will let you to go the vehicle of your life. If you think “ I will go where my life has taken me” than you may achieve some success but your heart will never satisfy. It will always search a way so that it will satisfy. So see the dreams make the dream but that dream should match with the inner desire of your heart.  

Set your targets

You should have aim to do. You should have some eagerness to achieve a goal. The goal you want to achieve is called your target. That means you should have your clear destiny. So that you should not have to be confused in future to chose a way. Because if you have a destiny you have a clear way as well.

Make plans

If you want to achieve your targets you should be a good planner as well. So try to make plans. Working in a planned way you may get different felling because it is joyful. So start making plans and decide about what to do, when to do, how to do? To achieve your targets.

Start from today

Now finally you have dreams, you have destiny and you set a plan as well so why to be late? Start your work from today. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your skills, examine your capacity build up your potential. For all of these you have to do work from today. You should not have to do big deal but do something small work related with your targets so that achieving your target will be easy!


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