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How to start Blogging??? A step by step guide

In my previous posts I have discussed what is business and what is blog. I have discussed can blogging be a business as well, Read here. if blogging can be a business why you don’t start it? So im here to teach you how to start a blogging or blogging business. Now if you really want to start a blog and don’t have any idea about how to start it, follow the following step by step process

First Step: Be prepared yourself

Before starting blogging you need to make prepared yourself. You have to decide you really want blogging or not. Why do you want to write a blog? What time can you separate for blogging? You want to make blogging as a profession or are you want to try it as a part time basis. Are you trying just for fun or want to earn some money? You need a computer/laptop and internet facility. Before deciding about the blogging perform full research about blog, read other’s story about how they make blogging as their profession, is it really possible or not to earn money from blogging or not? When you make serious decision of starting blogging after really thinking about it you are ready for it.

Second Step: Choose platform     

A blog requires a platform. That means it requires a web address or domain name. you can use free platform for the starting of your blog. Generally there are two options for free blog as, worldpress and blogspot. For the part time blogging you can continue one of these two platform but to be a professional blogger you need to  buy a domain name. you can continue with these platform by using your own domain name. so there is no need to be worry. So it is better to use one of these free service till you make some money from bog and when you will be able to use paid service you should switch towards your own domain name. You can choose worldpress or Blogger by differentiating the facility provided by them.


Google owns blogger and hence applies its policies to it. One of the biggest advantages with bloggeris that you’ll take hardly 10 minutes to setup a blog with Blogspot.com account. It is very easy to use and maintain. If you are done with setting your blogger account you can start posting immediately. Let’s discuss some points about blogger as a blogging platform one by one:

  •  With blogger it is really too easy to maintain account. You can easily add new pages and post. It is very easy to switch to different designs using any of the given templates and layouts.
  • Domain name with blogger account is always like “yourblogname.blogspot.in” by default (depending upon your country ‘.in’ will be changed). But blogger gives you to choose your own domain name for $10 per year and connect your blogger account with your personalized domain name. The biggest advantage of this is you do not need to bother about hosting cost.
  • No coding is needed. Blogger supports almost all features that a simple blog should have. If you have an account with blogger then you do not need to be from technical background. At present blogger supports many templates and you can use different layouts to customize those templates.
  • Awesome gadgets are offered by blogger as their free features to all blogger account. You can easily add gadgets like news, weather reports, currency converter, videos, slideshow, search box etc by a single click. You can place these gadgets where ever you want in your blog by changing their position by customizing layouts. If you smartly arrange these gadgets, you will succeed to create a good blog without paying anything. You can add your own gadget if you have the code of that gadget.
  • AdSense Integration is very easy with blogger because both are owned by same company. So those who want to start blogging to earn some money they can opt for blogger as it gives you by default option of AdSense to start with. You can integrate AdSense directly from your blog and after activation of AdSense you can show ads and make money online. You can use your blog to promote affiliate products to third party to simply make money. Through Amazon affiliate program blogger itself allows to generate affiliate revenue.
  • With blogger account Google own all your data. If Google finds you for anything that is violating its policies than it can shut your account down without any notification. You would be aware of this fact if you have ever heard about “Google slap”.

These were some points about blogger as a blogging platform. If you want a personal blog and want to share your experiences with friends and relative then blogger is perfect for you. If you want to share your knowledge with your friends and you post very rarely then blogger should be your choice. You can earn money from blogger without spending even a single dollar. So design your own blog, customize it according to your need, use gadgets and enjoy amazing blogging experience with blogger.


Now let’s discuss about other blogging platform which is also most popular. WordPress it is well known as CMS (content management system). It is open source and hence offers you fully customization. You should not be confused with wordpress.org and wordpress.com. Both are owned by same owner but wordpress.com is something like blogger it offers you free hosting and domain name (yourwebsitename.wordpress.com). WordPress.org is official site of the wordpress project and we will discuss about the same. You can download latest version of wordpress from wordpress.org and can start your website and blog with a domain and server that you own. Let’s have some look on what wordpress offers us:
  • WordPress is absolutely free. All you need is hosting plan from a hosting company and a domain name. WordPress also offers single click installation if you’re hosting plan includes cpanel. With cpanel you can do a one-click installation, upgrade and removal of your WordPress platform.
  • As you purchase your personalized domain name so it will be like “yoursitename.com”. If you are planning to have a business website, professional website or you need a functional website to sell your products then your domain name should represent an authority and personalized domain names are best option for the same.
  • Wordpress removes all limitations and is open source so if you are coding expert then it is best for you. You can make wordpress do whatever you want to. It offers thousands of themes for almost all niches. You can go for premium wordpress themes if you need to setup highly professional blog.
  • Supports thousands of plugins and gadgets. You can easily install and activate any plugin as per your need. Plugins do additional functions that you want to be added in your website. It makes your websites really functional and helps visitors in many ways. For example with wordpress plugin you can add a feature to comment from your Facebook account directly. Installation of plugin requires a single click. It’s that much easy to add and use a plugin and you can uninstall them whenever you want to.
  • You can also integrate adsense account with your wordpress site after activation from Google. If your blog is powered with wordpress then you can customize it in a better way and make it search engine friendly. With default installation you need a couple of plugins and even a better theme to really maximize the Adsense potential. With WordPress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic so can increase your earnings.

You own your own domain name and have your own hosting so you own your content and you have complete ownership and copyright of content. You do not need to bother that someone can shut your account any time without informing you.

Third Step: Topic of your blog

Choose the topic of your blog. The first part of that question is figuring out your topic. What exactly are you going to write about?
If you write about a broad topic, you’ll have a lot more material to write about and the potential to reach a larger audience, but you’ll also have far more competition. If you have a narrow topic, there will be fewer things to write about and you’ll have less competition, but your audience will only be so big. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
On The Simple Dollar, I focus on money issues from a personal angle, tying together financial advice with the realities of living through those things. This isn’t an entirely unique angle, of course, but very few things are truly unique online.
What is your interest? What is your capacity? What is your ability? In which subject you want to write a blog and can deliver more? There are literally millions of blogs out there. Virtually every topic you can think of has hundreds or even thousands of blogs devoted to it.
The number one single thing you need to think about when you create a blog is why would someone read your blog instead of all of those others?
Your readers are going to mostly be made up of people you don’t know who don’t have a reason to read your blog other than the content. What is going to make yours different? Why will they visit? Why will they stick around?

Fourth Step: Title of your blog

You need to choose your title or name of the blog. Title may decide in second step but I put it in third step, because title should be related with your blog content or topic. When you decide title firstly and try to choose your topic that limits the content of your writing. so, decide the topic of interest first and choose a unique title for your blog. The title should cover all the content of the blog. That means the content and posts of the blog should related with the title of the blog. If you choose a title of your blog about lifestyle and write the content about technology then it has negative impact to your readers and readers cannot be attracted. That results in the traffic to your blog who are the lifeline of the blogs.

Fifth Step: Prepare content (Post) for the blog

Once you’ve figured out your site’s topic and the “voice” you’ll be bringing to the table, your next step is to start producing content. However, you don’t want to start off by posting your first creations to the internet! You’re going to want to work through it on your own a little bit first, figuring out how to write good stuff before you start sharing.

A good blog post is useful in some fashion. Ideally, it should both entertain and inform the reader in some way. The exact mix is up to you, but you should never forget that you should be creating something that someone who doesn’t know you will want to read.

A good post is also readable. Your ideas should be separated out into relatively short paragraphs for easy reading. You should also use bold to highlight key points and use headlines to separate sections. Quite often, people will be skimming your posts and if you make this easier, you’ll cause the reader to retain more information and thus view your site as more valuable.

Every article you produce should strive to be both useful and readable. You’re better off producing one article that’s both useful and readable than ten that fail in one regard or another.

Every blog will eventually have a large handful of articles that are very in-depth and continually useful for new readers. You’ll find yourself linking back to these “best” articles on a regular basis because new users will find them very useful and/or entertaining. Other people will link to them, too, and Google will put those articles very high in their search results.
Likewise the blog title the blog post should be unique and comes from your inner capacity. That means you need to write yourself if you want to increase the value of your blog. Do not post any copy paste article. The blog post need to under the coverage of your topic and that should be able to force your readers to complete this post and make them to visit frequently.

Sixth Step: Promote your blog

After writing the blog content and lunching a blog you need to tell people to visit your blog or it is better to say you need to force them to visit your blog. People don’t find your site just magically. In the initial phase you need to force them to visit your site. So, you have to do some promotional activities to get your site noticed by people and various search engines like Google.
Most of the people who discover your site will find it by typing in related search terms into Google. For example, if you write about “how to start a business:, a significant number of your readers will find your site by searching for “new business” along with other terms, like perhaps “how to do business”, “want a new business.”

So, you’ll probably want to start by submitting your blog to Google
Use social media

For promoting your site, using social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn is best idea.
Facebook provides a good opportunity when you launch as you can share the site with your friends immediately. You can also create a “fan page” for your site so that people can “like” your site, which helps in numerous ways – friends of friends will notice it, plus you have an easy way to share site news or exceptional articles with those people.

Twitter is a great way to find fans of your topic. Just use Twitter search to find people who are talking about your topic of interest and start following them and talking with them. You can occasionally share your articles on Twitter, but I’ve found that if more than 5% or so of your tweets are links to your own articles, people will basically see you as a spammer. Participate in the conversations and just post links to truly great articles or to articles that directly answer someone’s question.
Googleplus and linkedIn also provide best sharing options to the people of your connections, which will helpful to increase the traffic in your blog.

Now you have almost complete the first phase of  starting a blogging business. I will discuss how to convet your blogging as business in my coming posts. This time try to create unique blog posts and  enjoy blogging.


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