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Do you want to achieve your goals?? It's easy...

Friends, deciding a goal for your life is very difficult. Because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. And achieving such goals is most difficult task. But if we think it’s difficult and loose our hope than we can not do anything.

When I was in the studying school level, my teacher always encourage me to do new things. He encouraged me by saying “never give up your work, when you fail first time, nobody is perfect in the earth. If you are tired and give up in the first attempt then what is the result of second attempt you never know. It may happen that your success is only one step far. So doing a hard work is the best idea of getting success.”

He didn’t only encourage me to not to lose hope but he had also teach me how to get success by working in a planned way. He always told me that “your future always in your hand if you want to see” That means he always told me “ if you want to achieve success in your life you should work in a planned way and for the plan at first you should have goal. So, at first decide your clear goal, make appropriate plan to reach the goal and follow the plan properly to achieve your goal

The most best and important teacher of my life was my grandfather. He is no more with me. But his education is always useful to sustain life and achieve something here. So, friends today I am sharing with you the knowledge given to me by my teacher about how to achieve your goals you have set.

You might be understood about the importance of setting target or goal from this post. Now time to understand how to achieve goals successfully. To achieve your targets follow the following rules.

  • Don’t lose your hope: There may ups and downs in the life. While you are working in a planned way but it didn’t work and your plan fails. You have to switch into your next plan. If you lose your hope in the middle way of getting success you never achieve. So don’t lose your hope in the difficult situation as well and belief your self. In the tone of my teacher “. If you are tired and give up in the first attempt then what is the result of second attempt you never know. It may happen that your success is only one step far.”

  • Perfect Planning : Plan is the detail framework to achieve your goals. It decides what to do?, how to do?, when to do?, who to do? Before starting your work. So planning should be perfect. It must   be able  to answer the above question. The plan must be perfect and working. There should be backup plans as well. If in the middle of the work if plan A can not work you have to switch towards plan B.

  • Continuous effort: you may get tired, bored or something else while working but you must continue your work. The formula of getting success or achieving targeted goal is practice, hard work and continuous effort.

  • Take the suggestions: it is not necessary that you know all. Somebody near you may have better knowledge, ideas and experience. You have to utilize the other’s expertise. So share your problems and difficulties and take their suggestions from their knowledge and experience but decider yourself.

  • Focus: Always focus on the target. That means you have to be always clear on your goals. There should not be any confusion or misunderstanding about your goals. So the goals must be clear and have only one meaning.

  • Positive thinking: Those who want to achieve their target always believe in positive thinking. You may on worst or difficult condition but should always have a positive thinking about success. Keep thinking positive motivates you towards your work and doesn’t give time for anything else in your mind. My teacher always said “those who want to win never think about a lose.”

  • Dedication: You must be committed towards your work to achieve the goals you have set. Setting a goal is not only important achieving of such goal is very important. For the goal achievement you need patience, dedication and eagerness for work is required.

  • Self confidence: you should always confident in you and in your work. Self confidence comes from self belief. If you can believe yourself confidence automatically comes up. If you are not confident about what you are doing how can you complete the work? How can you achieve your goal? First believe yourself then others believe on you.


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