How To Manage Time??

I always remember a quote that my grandfather told to me “Time and river never return”. That means times never return as it passes once. So the chances you have received never repeated. They are just the matter of time. If you can understand your time and able to manage it, recognize your opportunities in right time then you can get success.
Before starting how to manage time, let’s talk about why time management is important?
Why time management is important?
·         Time is limited  and special resources. You can not store or save time. If it passes once it can not be return.
·         Managing time is the best key to be successful in life.
·         Managing time boost your self discipline.
·         Best management of time reduces stress upon you.
·         It help you to decide and classify your priorities.
·         Your productivity can be boost with using  less skills and time if you use proper time management skills.
You can add more and more importance of time management because there are huge number of benefits that we can get by managing time. These are only the basic  benefits of managing time that directly affect our life. Since time management have such benefits we need to focus on managing it. And should learn how to manage time. And I will tech you same.
Here are the techniques to manage your time effectively:
1)      Prepare to do list:
    You must prepare the to do list of your task. You should have a reminder system which can make you remember that which task should complete at what time.  Don’t try to hang your mind to remember everything in your mind. Use proper reminder system. Use notepad or carry a pen and dairy to prepare to do list. But this is the digital age so you can use ‘googlekeep’  like mobile app for reminder and to prepare list.
2)      Focus on your time:
Focus on your  time means use such time to complete your task at what time you feel comfort to work. There may be such time like morning, day or evening at that time you feel comfortable and fresh to work. Never give stress by working every time, but focus at one time you can complete the task.
3)      Prioritize your work:
Prioritizing is and important element of time management. Giving stress to the less important time task is not effective at all. To get effective result you have to decide which tasks are urgent and which task are less important and need to focus accordingly. This is called prioritizing. It is necessary to prepare to do list according to the importance and priority of the task for effective time management.
4)      Take a break:
Being refresh time to time is necessary to increase your productivity. Take short break after sometime of stressing work. Breaks provide incentive by giving you something to look forward to having.
5)      Leave time for fun:
Fun and entertainment is important for every person. It gives positive energy for you. While there are times when we just need to power through a large project, it's important to give yourself time for fun. Not only will it refresh your mind, it's good for your body, too. It doesn't have to be a lot of time but make sure that you do!
6)      Break down the task:
Completing a huge task at once or completing it step by step has vast difference. Split the task you need to complete into various components so that you can be able to get them completed step by step. Write these steps down, and try to be as specific as you can when you do this. You only need to solve or complete one task before moving to  the next work.
7)      Sleep properly:
You must sleep properly to be healthy and fresh. Getting proper amount of sleep will keep you refresh and energetic. So you  must sleep 6-8 every night without giving any stress to your mind.

These are the basic methods to manage  time properly and win the contest. I only give you theoretical knowledge. You need to apply practically in your life to get result.

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Where are the Opportunities? In Nepal or Outside?

Last week one of my best friend Nawin told me that he is  going to Japan on student visa for the purpose of employment. That is the news which is surprising for me. Because he is operating  restaurant  business here in Nepal. And the business is quite good and smooth. So I asked him why you are going to Japan ? you are doing well here, isn’t it?

He replied ‘yeah, it’s going well, but I want more. Here is no possibility of business growth in this situation.’

‘What is the situation that affect your business?’ as I asked.

He said “the political situation in the country is not good. Here is not business opportunity. And we can not hope well growth within this country.”

The conversation ends there but my mind is hanging with the thought that ‘is it true? don’t we have future in Nepal? Don’t we have business opportunities in the country? Don’t we have growth opportunities? Can’t we be entrepreneur in our country? Should we leave to search opportunities? The  opportunities we have got are not enough for us?’

But after 3 hours of mind storming I have found the answer of all the questions are ‘no’. I conclude that no we don’t have to move leaving this country for searching opportunities. We have serials of hundreds opportunities that leads us to success in the business arena. Only we need to do is find out them. I think we  should take this as the advantages to grow business here. while saying this I think most of the youths may not be agree with me to believe that we have the best opportunities  in the world to start a business here. Those who think the best opportunities are only in the developed countries like USA, Europe and Australia won’t be agree with me, but those who believe on themselves and think that they can create opportunities will be agree with me. Yes there are several opportunities in the developed country which already defined by others but here we can found better business opportunities and can show the others.
I think if we can try to search the best  way than we can get success in any business filed. Because we are surrounded by opportunities. And we have to find them and knock the door of success.

So there may questions arise how you can tell that here are the best opportunities are here in the Nepal?

I can elaborate the reasons in the  following points:

Geographical reason

We are situated in between the two large countries china and India. They are  the worlds first and second largest country in terms of population. Which may be the business opportunity for us. We have to take benefits from the population of these countries. We have to change this population to our passionate customers.
And in if we talk about the purchasing power of the people, china is the most richest country in the world now and idea will rising and will counted in the richest country. If the country is rich their people’s purchasing power will definitely high.

So this is the opportunity for us as if we start a export based business in Nepal.

Cost is low

Here in Nepal we have best opportunity to earn maximum profit through our  business. Because we are rich in raw materials as well the operating and labor cost is very low in comparison to  other developed country. That’s why the multinational companies are doing well here.

Import is high

We know we start our day with the imported goods and end as well with imported goods. So this may be the best opportunity  to start a business firstly to replace the imported goods with in the country and start to export  later on.

We have well known that our economy heavily based on agriculture. But most  of the agro product that we used are imported from India and some are from china. So  here is the best opportunity in the  agro business. We can do vegetable farming or goat farming, or cow firm or fishing. Whatever we do there are opportunities.
If we take the example that in recent years we are self dependent on chicken product. Likewise we can be self dependent in other product as well whose  import rate is high currently. But for this we need to be innovative and creative not a copier.

Government policy

Government is giving high  priority, convenience and discounts  for the export base industries and agriculture sector. So, we should take advantages from that. Government gives various facilities for these industries like low tax rate or tax refund, soft loan, training, seeds and various consultation services to the farmers. So, we have to take advantages from these facilities to grow up our business here in Nepal.

Natural Resource

Nepal is a naturally beauty country. It has such natural gifted properties, which belongs  only to the Nepal. That creates the huge opportunity in tourism sector. We have many mountains including world’s top Mount Everest, rivers. They are waiting to be utilized. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit every year to steal the enjoy of natural beauty. But we have to increase the numbers to million. For this we have to provide attractive facilities to the tourists so that they can feel convenience to get enjoy.

Beside tourism we have various investment opportunities in the natural resources.  Like we have huge opportunity in hydro sector. Other industries based on natural minerals.

We are surrounded with opportunities, only we need to recognize them and to utilize in our way. There are various small and large investment opportunities which we can recognize according to our capability. But it is sure, we need not to leave country searching for opportunities.

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Entrepreneurship today's requirement!


Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risk in order to make profit. It is all about willingness to take risk and operate a business in a competitive global marketplace.

The common example of entrepreneurship is starting a business.

The business may be small with small budget or may be a large business.
If you start an agriculture business or may be a website for online shopping or a retail shop all counted as entrepreneurship.

So, who are the entrepreneurs?

Anyone who wants to work for himself or herself are entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. They are at the forefront of technological and social movements – in their fields, in their forward thinking, in their desire to push the envelope.

The common character of a entrepreneur are risk taking ability, innovative, creativity and interdependence.

So you don’t need large volume of budget but you have the ability to take risk, some ideas and creativity, innovative mind, eager to do something and confidence that you can do anything.

Being entrepreneur is not a difficult task but the intensity has the big role in it.

We youths want to start a big business immediately, we do not believe in starting a small business and gradually making it big. That means we want fast growth. And in another point we like to copy what other did rather than to use self innovation and creativity.

But if you want to be a good entrepreneur and make your business most successful be innovative. Use creativity. Find the new area of business opportunity so that your business can be unique and different from others.

Why it's today's requirement??

Self employment

Entrepreneurship is the best way of being self employed. If you are running your self business you need not to leave  unemployed and search for the jobs. You have your own work  and own job. You are the boss for yourself and  you are employee as well. You have to work only yourself.

If you are doing your won job you need not to worry of  being fired. Because the fear of being fired makes the workplace uncomfortable sometimes.However as a entrepreneur you don’t fire yourself from your own job.

Creates employment opportunity

Entrepreneurship not  only makes you employed it also generates the employment opportunities to others as well. So the developing countries like Nepal it is mostly important to create job opportunities. For this purpose large number of industries need to be established. And for the big industries capital has vital role. But  being a developing country it is difficult to collect large volume of capital and open big industries and create employment opportunities. But what can we do  is develop number of entrepreneurs and create maximum job opportunities.

Boost economic  growth

we know 1000 small business contribute more than the one big industry who has 1000 employee. Entrepreneurship help to boost economic growth in several ways.

Firstly, the entrepreneur themselves become the businessman and earn to boost their economic standard.

Secondly, by creating job opportunities  for people, an entrepreneur provide wealth  to people. It helps to growth economic  standard of the employees. Which ultimately results in the nation’s economic growth.

Thirdly, entrepreneur tend to start a new business with innovation like providing the best quality product within low price so that people can save their money and get the best product. This strengthens the economy of a country. 

To set your own schedule

Being an entrepreneur you can set your own work schedule. Unless you misuse this opportunity. Being a entrepreneur you are your boss and you can  develop your work schedule which best comfortable for you.

Bring your ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs bring ideas to life. “If you know that you will not find peace in your life until your vision becomes reality you are willing to invest valuable resources, and acquire new knowledge” it could be time to start your own business.

Gain personal fulfillment.

Entrepreneurs aren’t stuck in a career that they aren’t passionate about. Sadly, that is not the case for many employees who report into a thankless job, day-in and day-out. Small business owners are driven by the pursuit of their passions in life. Economist Larry Smith, in a TED Talk, asserts why some will fail to have a great career. Don’t let that be you. What’s your excuse for not following your passion?

Provide a better quality of life.

What does an improved quality of life mean for you and those you care about? Entrepreneurs who attain certain levels of financial success in business often help others with their financial needs on an individual level or through philanthropic ventures.

Build a business as an investment.

Consider your small business as an investment. Entrepreneurs not only reap the financial rewards of building a profitable company but they also gain tremendous insights into the most important investment of all — one’s self. An investment by nature, is putting something on the line. Entrepreneurs take a risk on themselves because they know “they’re worth it!”

Creates your own lifestyle.
Are you a morning person? Do you prefer to work from remote locations around the world? Do you like to take trips often? One of the perks of entrepreneurship is the creative ability to design the lifestyle that best suits your desires.

Social change

Entrepreneurship brings the social change. Yes, you are listening right. It is based on creativity and innovation. That’s why due to the entrepreneurship we can get new product, new services which replace the traditional  approaches in the society to bring the social change.

Brain drain
Here comes the brain drain which we can prevent from entrepreneurship. Not only skilled and educated   we can also stopped the manpower from going abroad for searching job. The main requirement of  encouraging entrepreneurship  is to stop people within the country. And only they can stopped if they become employed within their country. It’s most important for the country like Nepal to develop more and more entrepreneurs to stop people from going outside the country as well to boost the economic growth.

Again comes the idea

You may understand how the entrepreneurship is important and may want to be an entrepreneur as well. But you may think I haven’t any idea what to do then how can be an entrepreneurship. But it ‘s simple. It’s not all about idea and money. But it’s all about idea. Understand? Nope! It is clear. You need to search what business  idea is better for you to start business. But you have to use  your mind and create idea around you for the possible business opportunities. You can find them form the problems you faced or from the services you expect form the others but they are not  providing you. You can start the business to solve one of these problem or to  provide one of these services. The problems up to yesterday can be the new business opportunity today.You need to analyze them and create them possible business opportunities. That’s the IDEA!

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Frustration, A madness and remedies

Definition of Frustration

A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something is the state of being frustrated

Something that causes feelings of anger and annoyance is something that frustrates someone
In our way,

Frustration is an emotion that occurs in situations where a person is blocked from reaching a desired outcome.  In general, whenever we reach one of our goals, we feel pleased and whenever we are prevented from reaching our goals, we may succumb to frustration and feel irritable, annoyed and angry. 

Typically, the more important the goal, the greater the frustration and resultant anger or loss of confidence.

Frustration is not necessarily bad since it can be a useful indicator of the problems in a person's life and, as a result, it can act as a motivator to change.  However, when it results in anger, irritability, stress, resentment, depression, or a spiral downward where we have a feeling of resignation or giving up, frustration can be destructive.

And the madness

What do we do if we dislike something? How do we respond to events or persons that we do not like? Do we let it go and move on, do we work with it, or do we let it fester? Often, when we have decided that there is something we don't like, we look for it everywhere; we see it all over, and justify our distaste. Why? 

Because we realize that if we don't like something, but we find it everywhere, then we have something to fight and work against. In a way, we like this, we even seek this out, for if there where nothing out there, whether it is a person or event that we don't like, then what would we do with ourselves. How would we then justify our anger, our distaste towards life, or even the simple grumpiness that we may have? We must have a reason, and it is much better if it is someone else's fault, or if it is a problem with anything other than us. So yes, it originates back to us, and who we are, and what we are doing, as it all does in the end.

These are Virus
Actually these are the sources of frustration. I say it virus because the disease ‘Frustration’ bring by these.

Limited Resources

When an adequate resource is not available in the workplace, the job performance will be negatively influenced. As a result of which frustration may arise among employees.

Unclear Relationship

Unclear relationship between employees to employees or employees to managers causes frustration. If the relationship is not defined clearly, it will be impossible to assign tasks to the employees as per their status, position and ability.

Unclear communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in motivating employees towards better job performance. If the flow of communication is not defined clearly, it will cause employee's frustration. It is because unclear communication blocks the regular flow of work, job performance techniques, objectives and suggestions.

Status And Role Inconsistencies
If an employee's role and status is not consistent, he/she will be frustrated. This is because of frequent change in role. status, ans position creates confusion and dilemma in actual work environment.

Goal Difference
Goal difference is goal inconsistency between individual to individual. The goal difference occurs due to individual differences in goals, objectives, needs and wants.Such goal difference between each and every employees leads to employee's frustration.

Personal Background
Everyone has his/her own family, societal, cultural background, and way of perception. If such backgrounds differ from the organizational culture, and working relationships, the individual may feel frustrated from the work.

Organizational Climate
Organizational climate represents an overall working environment and relationship of the organization. Healthy and friendly environment helps to motivate people at work. On contrary, unhealthy and uncomfortable working environment leads to employee's frustration.

Lack Of Goal Harmony

Goal harmony means a proper match between individual goals and organizational goals. A proper goal harmony creates improved job performance thereby resulting higher degree of motivation. Contrary to it, the lack of it creates employee's frustration.

Poor Staffing
Staffing involves all activities necessary to create roles and responsibilities in organizational environment. But poor staffing results into less commitment. As a result of which, employees may be frustrated.

 Lack Of Effective Personnel Policy
If the organization is lacking an effective personnel policy, the employees will not commit themselves towards better performance. As a result, frustration occurs at work station.

Lack Of Incentive And Motivation Procedure
The best incentive and motivation procedure helps to achieve high job satisfaction. But in case of its inadequacy, employees feel frustrated at work because they feel bored by performing hideous work

Over ambitious

Sometimes we become over ambitious in your life. We couldn’t be satisfied with what we have achieved. And want more. And there is the problem. Being over ambitious is really the problem. If  we expect  more and can not achieve the expectation causes the frustration.

Don't think over about problem start to cope with it

Talk to a friend 

It is always healthy to talk to someone else about anything that is bothering us. Well, maybe not everything, but the point here is to be able to share bottled up feelings with someone instead of just keeping them all to ourselves. Who knows, your friend might have some solutions that can help you!

Write your successes and failures in a journal 

Whether you do it using an online journal or a pen and paper, keeping track of our activities that we feel are limiting us is always helpful. That way, we can have a check and balance as to what worked for us and what didn’t.

Accept reality 

We also need to check our own reality. If we have done everything within our power to accomplish something, and it still does not work out, then we should try to accept it as it is. What I do in this kind of situation is write a pros and cons list, and then I take it from there.

Track your progress

Sometimes we feel that things aren’t moving fast enough, or they are not working the right away. That could lead to a lot of frustration. Do a check list and see how you are progressing. Sometimes small steps may seem like nothing, but being able to cross those small steps off the list one by one is helpful for seeing successful progress.

Take a long walk 

Taking a break is always good. Do not think of what is causing your frustration for a moment. Hopefully the long walk or break will allow your minds to be clearer once you decide to go back and tackle the problem or situation at hand.

Stop blaming yourself 

Maybe the cause of your frustration is something of your own doing. Accept that and try to find solutions rather than blaming yourself incessantly. It will only put you in a negative mode which will do more harm than good. It’s your fault; accept that and move on.

Stop being angry 

Anger is one way to vent our frustrations. It can be either directed towards ourselves or to the one causing the frustration. Watch a funny movie or read the comic page of your newspaper. The point here is to minimize anger so you can think straight. Only when you are thinking straight and calm will you be able to address the problem that is causing you to be frustrated.

Take a hot bath or sleep it off 

 Relaxing your mind by either taking a long hot bath or sleeping it off will do wonders for your tired mind. Being angry or frustrated can make us weak and vulnerable to stress.

Be around positive people 

It is always good to be around people who are optimistic. You can get energy from them as well as advice if they have encountered similar situations like yours.

Try to be positive 

Try to think of the other difficult times that you have encountered and yet succeeded in the past. Say to yourself, this too will pass, as it always does. It may not be an easy thing to do, but if we try to count our blessings and see where we have triumphed in the past, we can see that there is no way that we cannot get through this as well.

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Why Do We Get Frustrated or Mad?

What do we do if we dislike something? How do we respond to events or persons that we do not like? Do we let it go and move on, do we work with it, or do we let it fester? Often, when we have decided that there is something we don't like, we look for it everywhere; we see it all over, and justify our distaste. Why? Because we realize that if we don't like something, but we find it everywhere, then we have something to fight and work against. 

In a way, we like this, we even seek this out, for if there where nothing out there, whether it is a person or event that we don't like, then what would we do with ourselves. How would we then justify our anger, our distaste towards life, or even the simple grumpiness that we may have? We must have a reason, and it is much better if it is someone else's fault, or if it is a problem with anything other than us. So yes, it originates back to us, and who we are, and what we are doing, as it all does in the end.

Of course, this doesn't mean to say that we can't dislike things, but the question is how much do we let it get under our skin? Does it override our happiness; does it have a sense of control over us? If when we think about it, does it make us feel different? Are we then using this dislike of something to feel this way, to release how we are really feeling. For if it is only a passing thought, like I didn't like that or that person was annoying, and you then get on with your life, then yes, perhaps you just didn't like it or them. But if you find yourself overreacting or focusing on it or them more than you should, then you may need to look at the underlying reason for the emotion you are experiencing. Let's say there is one person in particular you don't get along with; you find yourself thinking about them and feeling that frustration or anger that goes along with it. Now, I want you to really look at the way you feel and from an outside perspective; seriously ask yourself if your feelings are truly justified in this case. Does the way you feel really reflect what is going on with this other person? Or have you overblown what is real so that you can feel the way you want to feel? Which is anger, frustration, or any emotion that settles into you when you focus on what you do not like in life, in others, or even the moment you are in.

We sometimes want to experience these feelings, and someone or life itself gives us the opportunity to see and feel what is really going on on the inside. When these feeling arise, we must look at why, but also note that it is not all based on outside sources. Anger stems from not knowing what we really need, want, or desire in the moment. It comes out because we lack our own understanding of the moment. We don't see what we need to feel better, and we then get angry about it. Whether we direct it outwards or keep it inside, it is still there, festering and, in a sense, not containable. This is where we look for reasons why we feel this way; this is where we seek justice for our emotional instability. We blame, we get mad at things, just so we can release how we feel. Usually, we tend to feel a little better from the venting that we have done. We have released the pressure, so to say, and yes, we do feel better. But not really, because the reason for the pressure is still there and deep down we still don't feel well. And the pressure will build up again.

So what do we do when we feel this way, when we find ourselves angry or fed up with others or life? We need to seek what it is we really want or need in the moment. Sometimes we are pushing ourselves too hard, exhausted emotionally or mentally, and just need to give ourselves a break. We need to honor what we need. Instead of bottling up frustration, we need to listen to what is going on inside of ourselves before we build up to a point where the only solution is expressing anger. Every desire has a starting point; every need has a beginning. The beginning is usually just ignored. So the next time you feel frustrated, angry, or are about to get upset, look at how you really feel. Have you been listening to yourself or ignoring what you need? Perhaps you are really tired, hungry, overexcited, sad, lonely, or maybe there is something else. Whatever the reason, listen to it; honor yourself by paying attention to it.

Lacking an understanding of our self leads to an imbalance in our outer life. When we are complete, so to say, then the outside world tends to not fluster us. Because we are balanced within. Think of it this way, if we listened to ourselves, cared for ourselves as much as we do about other things, we would be a lot happier. Perhaps if we didn't put ourselves second so often, or if at least we paid attention to our own needs, the world would feel less obtrusive and hard. When we are fighting with the world, it is our inner world that is in turmoil. This is not just about needs, but about what may have been ignored for a really long time as well. Perhaps it is an old issue, a problem you have had, but have chosen to ignore. How we deal with ourselves, how we look at ourselves, has a lot to do with how we experience life. If we honor our needs, take care of our own issues, if we deal with ourselves first and foremost, then life itself can become the backdrop to our life and not the other way around. We are the center of our lives; we just forget and grew accustomed to putting ourselves last, to paying more attention to what is going on out there than what is happening on the inside.

If you take the time to readjust your sights, to every once in a while check in on yourself and see how you are doing, perhaps you will find that what was once hard to deal with, whether it was a person or event, no longer bothers you. You may even find that your tolerance for such things goes through the roof. Because you are balanced within, the outside will begin to take on the same appearance. We are like the pebble thrown in the pond, our ripples are our existence with our life and within ourselves. They reflect and resonate with each other. When we look closely at ourselves, when we pay attention to how we are feeling, life does get easier; it balances out. So if you are feeling frustrated with someone, if you have had enough with what is going on, or you just feel on edge, do not look to blame. Instead, look inside; stop paying attention to everything else, and just give yourself a moment to see what is going on inside of you. What do you need, what are you ignoring, and is there anything you can do about it, for yourself.

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